• List of food with more than 1000 references classed into over 60 categories.
  • Detailed informations with status and explanation for each food.
  • List configuration with filter, sort and order.
  • Fast and smart search engine.
  • Definitions of complex or technical terms.
  • Advice for the prevention of risks.
  • Universal application iPhone, iPad, iPod - iOS 7, 8, 9 & 10.
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The question of food during the pregnancy is important. Indeed, if certain precautions are not taken, the risks can be major both for the mom and for the unborn child.

The objective of this application is to accompany you during your pregnancy and to give you the most exhaustive possible list of foods, with for each of them a status (authorized, attention or forbidden) and the explanations related to this status. The list can be configured and customized with filter, sort and order. The fast and smart search engine will allow you to always find the desired food. Definitions for the technical terms and advice for the prevention of risks are available. The application’s design and ergonomics are developed to allow a simple and fast use.

Finally, with the aim of being as relevant and precise as possible, particular care has been addressed to the quality of the supplied informations. However, the informations provided are given as guidance and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.



Rui Borges-Paninho

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